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BPL Stress Test

Offering you a complete choice of products which include bpl dynatrac neo tmt (stress ecg), bpl stress test system, bpl trak-48, bpl dyna trac tmt and stress test system dynatrac/ dynatrac plus.

BPL Dynatrac Neo TMT (Stress ECG)

BPL Dynatrac Neo TMT (Stress ECG)
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Product Details:
Portable No
BrandBPL, Philips, Edan
Types12-Lead, 5-Lead, 3-Lead
Application Resting & Diagnostic

Ensuring enhanced clinical workflow with easy and accurate access of cardiac activity during stress tests. Advanced Dynatrac Neo Software enables accurate recording and analysis of the test. This software in combination with optional
HES Algorithm enables Arrhythmia analysis and motion artifact reduction in Stress ECG. The acquisition unit is available in two options: Dynatrac Neo BT - Bluetooth enabled wireless ECG transmitter Dynatrac Neo USB- A USB based ECG acquisition unit that acquires and transfers ECG data to PC through wired interface.

• The treadmill can be controlled automatically during 12 lead ECG recording
• Treadmill protocols can either be preset or can be programmed by the user
• Options are available for the user to choose digital filters for displayed ECG and print reports
• With the METS data displayed real-time, the cardiologist can monitor the cardio respiratory fitness levels during the exercise period
• The device offers a facility for the cardiologist to review the results and edit them if needed
• The system has options for printing the automatic stage printouts and selectable real-time printouts
• ECG Acquistion Unit Options: Dynatrac Neo BT and Dynatrac Neo USB
• STS Software Options: Advanced Dynatrac Neo Software with/without HES Algorithm

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BPL Stress Test System

BPL Stress Test System
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Data Acquisition:
  • Sampling Rate: 400 Sernaleelsec
  • AcouiSition: Smultaneous 12 lead acquisition. 12 Oita
  • leads: Standard 12 bads Acouired 8 leads RecorStructed 4 leads VII. aVR. at avn
  • Input Dynamics: 300mV 00Hz: I 10mV in D355 band
  • Input Impedance: >100M Ohms
  • Time Constant: 3.2 Seconds
  • CMRR: 90e 50 Hz
  • DF Protection: Internal
  • Patent leakage: <10uA
  • Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 101341/
  • Dgitat Fitens (linear Phase)
  • Mains Interference: 50Hz Notch Filter talways present)
  • Antidalft Filter: 0.5Hz (13d8) (always present)
Signal Processing:
  • ECG Analysis: 200 Sample /sec
  • ORS Detect on: Sale lead 'Selectable)
  • Cascuratec Parameters: ST-Level. ST.Slope. HR. METS
  • f ducal Points: Auto or Manual Selection
  • Enlarged Medan Lead: Auto Lead selection (Lead having minimum St level) or Manual Lead selection
  • Median update Interval: Every 8 secs


  • Deploy Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • ECG Display Format: 3 lead + 12 median or 6 lead + 12 median or 12 toad • 12 median
  • ECG Display Speed: 25mnysec or 50mm/see
  • ECG Display Sensitmty: S or 10 or 20mrri/mV
  • Event Marker: Yes
  • Dsplurcd Data: HR.Target HR. BP. Stage limo. Test limo. Speed. Grade. METS. Protocol name. Protocol Stage. ST.tovcl. Slope. Leadoff information and Patient Name
  • Rot: 20Hz of 40 Hz or No Met {Selectable)

  • Print Format: User defined reports; Malmo with/ without grid
  • Paper Size: Main Paper AS size
  • Printing Speed: 25mm/sec
  • Printing Sensitivity:  1Ornm/mV
  • Filter: 20Hz or 40 Hz Netter (Selectable)
  • MMUS: Automatic stage printouts and real time printouts
  • Review: Full Dseosure ECG: Beaus teat r" ECG record of complete exercise
  • Marked Everts: Review of marked imams
  • Trend Graphs: Trend graph of HR. ST4.evel. ST-Slope. BP and }amend°

Data Storage:
  • local Storage:  On hard Oak. Separate folder for each test
  • External Storage: Selected records can be exported to CD-ROMs

ECG Acquisition Device:
  • Power Input: lirOugh USE
  • PowerConsumetion: <11V
  • PC Ccovnunication: Through USS
  • Operating Temperature: 1010 40 dege
  • Relatke Humidity: 25 to 95% non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature: -10 to 50 deg C
  • Relatke Humidity: 10 to 95%nm-condensing
  • Safety Standards: IEC. 60601.1: Class ICE type
  • EMC: 1E040601.1-2
  • lAnenskIn: 170Snan x 106.5mm x 22.5mm (length xscoltn x height)
  • svetgnt: 400gms
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BPL Trak-48

BPL Trak-48
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  • Channels: 3/12 channel digital recording
  • Resolution: 8, 10, 12, or 16 bit sampling (factory set)
  • Recording: full disclosure, no data compression
  • Data transfer: embedded usb connector or removable sd card
  • Sample rate: 128-1024 samples per second
  • Frequency response: 0.05hz to 60hz @ +0.4db / -3db
  • Ecg signal verification display's ecg on hook-up
  • Input impedance: ? 10 mo
  • Cmrr: 60 db

  • Recording time: 24hrs, 48hrs (12 lead) or 7 days (3 channel)
  • Type: non-volatile, sd card
  • Capacity: up to 2048 mb (removable)

  • Dimensions: 68mmx53mmx16mm
  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Enclosure: moulded plastic (water resistant)
  • Carrying options: belt clip, lanyard
  • Electrical         
  • Gain settings: 1/2x, lx and 2x
  • Connector: 26 pin low profile
  • Patient cable: 12 lead integrated patient cable (3 channel is also available as an option)

  • Type: 1 aaa alkaline battery/ nimh battery
  • Life: 12 lead - 24 to 48 hrs: 3 lead - 24 tp 96 hrs

  • Temperature: 0°c - 45°c, <80% rh,
  • Pressure: 86 kpa -106 kpa
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BPL Dyna Trac TMT

BPL Dyna Trac TMT
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  • Windows based Stress Test Software
  • USB based ECG Acquistion unit
  • DSP Technology for steady baseline even at higher rate
  • Automatic Manual on-line printing
  • Records can be reviewed before printing
  • Post-test review and edit facility
  • Wide range of comprehensive reports
  • Online METS display

Additional Information:
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Stress Test System Dynatrac/ Dynatrac Plus

Stress Test System Dynatrac/ Dynatrac Plus
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Data Acquisition:
  • Sampling Rate: 400 Samples/sec
  • Acquisition: Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition, 12 bits
  • Leads: Standard 12 leads; Acquired 8 leads; Reconstructed 4 leads (III, aVR, aVL, aVF)
  • Input Dynamics: +/- 300mV @ 0Hz  +/- 10mV in pass band
  • Input Impedance: >100 M ohms
  • Time Constant: 3.2 Seconds
  • CMRR 90dB @: 50 Hz

DF Protection Internal:
  • Patient Leakage: <10μA
  • Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 100Hz
  • Digital Filters (Linear Phase) Mains Interference: 50Hz Notch Filter (always present)Anti-Drift Filter: 0.5Hz (-3dB) (always present)

PC Communication:
  • PC Communication: Wireless through Bluetooth (Available in DYNATRAC PLUS) Through USB available in DYNATRAC

Signal Processing:
  • ECG Analysis: 200 Samples/sec
  • QRSDetection: Single lead (selectable)
  • Calculated Parameters: ST-Level, ST –Slope, HR, METS
  • Fiducial Points: Auto or Manual Selection
  • Enlarged MedianLead: Auto Lead selection (Lead having minimum ST level) or Manual lead selection
  • Median Update Interval: Every 8 sec Display
  • ECG Display Format: 3 lead + 12 median or 6 lead + 12 median or 12 lead + 12 median
  • ECG Display Speed: 25mm/sec or 50mm/sec
  • ECG Display Sensitivity: 5 or 10 or 20mm/mV
  • Event Marker: Yes
  • Displayed Data: HR, Target HR, BP, Stage Time, Test Time, Speed, Grade, METS, Protocol name, Protocol Stage, ST-Level, ST- Slope, Leadoff information and Patient Name.
  • Filter: 20Hz or 40Hz or No filter (Selectable)
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